Our Offer to You

Our commitment to all our clients is to generate every chance of resolving existing conflicts in the workplace.

Our services offer excellent prospects of a good return on cost by:

Immediately reducing conflict between people and so improving efficiency

Improving the prospects of those parties being able to avoid conflict in the future

Reducing staff absence due to stress from conflicts

Avoiding costly and time consuming formal complaints, tribunals and disciplinary procedures

Reducing staff turnover

Avoiding the costly and time consuming need to recruit replacement staff

Avoiding the efficiency losses whilst those replacement staff learn the job

Our services include:

A confidential free prior consultation, without obligation, to advise whether issues appear to be mediable or not

A prompt response to requests to mediate - we will advise within 5 days if we are unable to meet your timescale

A guarantee that all our mediators are professionally qualified and insured

The chance for the parties to discuss with us by ‘phone, if they wish, before meeting up

Encouragement of the parties to take up mediation if appropriate

Written and ‘phone support for referrers in the build-up to mediation

Feedback to referrers on the outcome, in general terms, WITHOUT breaking the confidence of the parties

We ask that you:

Liaise with the parties prior to, and if necessary after, the mediation

Make the arrangements, at the timing agreed with us, for the parties to attend

Pay our fees on time to allow us to continue to give our best service

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